comScore Rolls Out Multi-Platform Campaign Analytics Solution

Measuring the effectiveness of one’s advertising campaign is a vitally important part of the advertising and marketing process in the digital age. For the reason, comScore is rolling out a new solution that comes as a welcome development to advertisers across the digital landscape.

Validated Campaign Essentials Multi-Platform (vCE MP) is being hailed as a “ground-breaking solution” that is the first to provide holistic campaign delivery validation of ad impressions delivered across TV, web (display and video), and mobile (smartphones and tablets).

Based on details shared this morning by comScore and obtained by Mobile Marketing Watch, campaign reporting includes multi-platform person-based measures of demographics, and reach/frequency and GRPs.

Designed for marketers and media companies who want to understand the accuracy of multi-platform ad campaign delivery, vCE MP quantifies the total combined advertising reach across platforms and incremental reach of each medium for a given campaign.

“The launch of vCE MP is an exciting milestone for comScore that brings to market a revolutionary product that sets the tone for the future of campaign analytics,” says Cameron Meierhoefer, COO of comScore. “Existing cross-platform solutions are limited by the use of traditional panel-based measurement approaches that simply can’t scale effectively to account for the variety of digital media platforms that consumers use every day. To get meaningful campaign insights, sample sizes in the millions – not thousands – are required, and comScore’s census-based multi-platform methodology delivers exactly that. The result is a campaign analytics product that is both robust and comprehensive enough to address the key questions our clients are asking.”

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