comScore Reports One Third of US Subscribers Actively Use Mobile Apps

According to the latest figures from comScore, mobile app usage among US subscribers is on the rise.

In November 2010, better than one-third of all US subscribers actively used a downloaded mobile application. That figure represents a 1.1% increase over mobile app usage during the previous three months.

When consideration is taken of the similar growth in US smartphone ownership, the prevalence of mobile app usage becomes clearer.

comScore’s latest findings reveal that 61.5 million US subscribers owned smartphones as of November – a full 10% higher than the smartphone ownership documented during the previous three months.

Not surprisingly, in addition to a measurable increase in mobile app usage, text messaging is also on the rise based on November’s data, which revealed that 67.1%  of subscribers used text messaging services, – up 0.5%.

Similarly, 23.5% of subscribers accessed social networks or blogs – a 1.0% increase.

By comScore’s tally, RIM is leading in the smartphone platform market share, capturing 33.5%. After several months of strong growth, Google Android captured the second-place ranking among smartphone platforms in November with 26.0% of U.S. smartphone subscribers.

Apple, on the other hand, accounted for 25.0% of smartphone subscribers (up 0.8%), followed by Microsoft with 9.0% and Palm with 3.9%.