comScore: Apple Records Further Gains on Samsung in Smartphone Market

New data released by comScore indicates that Apple is growing at a faster rate than Samsung and, as a result, is extending its lead over the tech giant by an impressive margin.

Research firm comScore’s MobiLens overview of the smartphone market shows that Apple’s iPhone accounted for 39.2% of all U.S. smartphone subscribers at the end of April. That’s up 1.4 points from the end of January, when Apple held a 37.8% share of the market.

Samsung, on the other hand, was the second-largest manufacturer in the U.S. market at the end of April, coming in at 22%.

For the three month period surveyed, no other smartphone manufacturer secured a double digit market share.

While Apple retains the top spot in the United States, Samsung still sells the most mobile phones globally. All told, Samsung sold more than 70 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2013 alone.

If anything, the latest comScore data simply reaffirms that Apple and Samsung’s duopoly in the smartphone market isn’t poised to change any time soon.