Company Aims to Make Proximity Marketing More Effective

Company Aims to Make Proximity Marketing More EffectiveMaking proximity marketing more effective is a paramount concern among many companies today, but one in particular says its actively doing the most to take proximity marketing to the next level.

Mobile Network Marketing Corporation has released an industry first – a “Wi-Fi marketing powerhouse” system that promises to revolutionize conventional marketing.

There’s no shortage of bold talk and pledges in the company’s press release. But is the hype warranted?
The company says its MobiPromo System makes proximity marketing processes more effective and significantly more convenient. But how so?

“The new MobiPromo Wi-Fi marketing system adds a complete new dimension to location-based marketing and creates a dual interaction between merchants and consumers and vice-versa,” explains a spokesperson. “The technology helps create a level playing field for traditional and online merchants without inflating overheads.”

Unlike mobile marketing or direct response marketing systems, MobiPromo offers definite and clear-cut resolution to all marketing issues. It is also designed to work with almost all wireless devices, regardless of content type or interactive abilities. The amazing abilities and features of MobiPromo act as attractive incentives for consumers to use the system repeatedly.

The MobiPromo system is also designed for marketers who “don’t shy away” from using innovative techniques in marketing their products and services.

“With social media interaction, email, and text messaging integrated, merchants also benefit from the viral possibilities,” the Mobile Network Marketing Corporation said today, noting that its MobiPromo is a 100 percent cloud based platform that includes proximity marketing hardware devices that do not require any configuration or maintenance.

“It is a comprehensive Plug and Play system, which can automatically update with the advanced Set and Forget technology, once it is deployed,” the announcement reads. “Merchants keep 100% of the collected sale price.”

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