Commuter-based Mobile Marketing Platform Hits Atlanta

Prepare for the latest out of Atlanta to become the latest in America before long.

In an increasingly “auto-centric” market, hundreds of drivers have already signed-up to help advertisers “own the road” through the latest offering from Fueling Media.

Atlantans who curse their tedious daily commute can now profit from one of the nation’s acknowledged “worst drives to and from work.” Fueling Media has just introduced a new mobile marketing platform in Atlanta to reach millions of captive prospects and customers who spend hours in traffic on some of the most congested and heavily traveled highways in the nation.

The firm has rolled out a massive interactive promotional platform using commuter’s vehicles to advertise on known high-density routes coupled with drive-time centric call-to-action promotions. The mobile platform includes colorful, eye-catching vehicle graphics and incorporates interactive participation via instant text messaging, e-couponing, digital photos, contests and sweepstakes, plus unique call answering and direct response processing capabilities.

To verify to advertisers a wrap’s exposure, vehicles can be equipped with a concealed on-board GPS unit. Data is synchronized with popular online web mapping programs, providing marketers proximity measurement, demographics, plus a bird’s eye view of exact locations and routes traveled. In addition, wrap exposure at high-visibility locations like sports/concert venues, shopping centers, special events and other locations can be recorded with a GPS “hot button.”

Through its consumer portal, Fueling Media recruits commuters who commit to having their vehicle covered with stylish wraps. For commuters who qualify, Fueling Media pays for their vehicle to be wrapped and compensates drivers for their fuel expenses. Drivers also receive funds for alternative transportation while their car is being wrapped, plus can participate in bonus programs. More than 600 Atlanta commuters have already pre-qualified.

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