Commercial Real Estate Going Mobile and Fast in 2013

Over the weekend, the Real Estate Marketing Insider published a new report on how the commercial real estate industry is rapidly turning toward mobile marketing.

Based on the findings of inMotion Real Estate, commercial realtors have “plunged into mobile marketing” in greater numbers than ever. Last year, for example, showed a 61 percent increase from 2011 in mobile use among commercial industry professionals alone.

The report also states that there was a 225 percent increase in mobile visits as a total share of website visits in 2012. Commercial real estate websites can now expect almost a tenth of their traffic from mobile devices.

“Residential and vacation real estate agents have long known the potential of mobile devices,” reads a statement from Real Estate Marketing Insider. “From vacation rentals San Diego to New York condos, nearly every realtor has a mobile-ready presence and a website. However, in commercial real estate, such a presence has been less important. Commercial clients are traditionally older, less tech-savvy, and more methodical about their real estate buying decisions. That’s shifting though, as the tech industry grows and the average small business changes its look. Most new companies work in smaller offices. Tech start-ups are often completely online, with very few maintaining landlines at all. Increasingly, a mobile-ready advertising setup is becoming necessary for commercial real estate.”

REMI believes that commercial realtors should be implementing mobile marketing strategies, and urges its readers to begin doing so before they fall behind their competition.