Coming Soon To A Theatre…or Mobile Phone Near You

Once celebrities began realizing the myriad benefits of putting their image and likeness on products and services offered through mobile marketing, it was inevitable that the rest of Hollywood would soon follow suit – industries and all.

Popular ad-supported game distributor Greystripe recently revealed that its mobile marketing campaign for the New Line Cinema film “The Golden Compass,” which ran on Greystripe’s mobile ad network, netted a “19% increase in awareness of the film’s title and a 9.5% boost in audience numbers. “

As a result, major movie studios are now looking into the mobile marketing industry to find new ways of promoting their upcoming slate of cinematic features. One idea being readily bandied about is the prospect of dispersing film trailers directly to web enabled mobile phones. The prospect of theatre-related discounts and prime screening opportunities could fuel the fire of film’s popularity through mobile marketing channels.

Greystripe’s promotion of “The Golden Compass,” increased the public’s desire to see the film in theaters by 14.5% among respondents from 18 to 24 years old. According to Greystripe, their success – and corresponding study – indicated that film buffs might be also be “particularly hungry mobile data consumers.” More than 1/3 of those polled said they use their phones to find movie show times. Another 29% said they download movie trailers on their handsets.

“These results demonstrate that Greystripe’s mobile-savvy audience is highly engaged by full-screen ads delivered through media on their mobile phones,” said Jenny Burrington, Greystripe’s director of ad sales.

Slowly but steadily, the film industry will increasingly turn away from the mainstream media for promotion and instead target the mobile handsets that are proving an invaluable conduit between movie goers and the films they love.