Comcast to Stream Xfinity TV to Tablets

Comcast is taking its Xfinity TV platform to the next level by beginning to stream television content to tablets later this year.

According to J T. Ramsay, Chief Blogger, Comcast Corporation, live TV streaming on tablet devices in-the-home is “coming soon.” As a result, customers with tablets and a wireless router will be able to enjoy live TV anywhere in their home.

Comcast subscribers and iPad owners, however, won’t have to wait very long for the “play now” feature for Xfinity TV’s iPad app. It should arrive within weeks.

When it does, Ramsay says, it will come “stocked with nearly 3,000 hours of On Demand content that can be watched anywhere, anytime — inside or outside the home — and we’ll continue to add even more choices in the future.”

The digital services giant has been aggressively developing its mobile platform in recent months, most notably with the release of version 3.0 of its Xfinity Mobile app for Apple’s iOS platform.

In December, Mobile Marketing Watch covered some of the enhancements that accompanied the launch of Xfinity Mobile 3.0, like remote access to a wide assortment of new controls, features, and functions – including remote DVR programming and even On Demand library browsing.

“Looking ahead,” Ramsay adds, “we have more online enhancements and app releases in the pipeline. It’s all part of a much larger effort to reinvent how customers interact with their entertainment and communications services on TV, online and on mobile devices. So stay tuned.”