Comcast Announces New iPhone App… Finally

As a longtime Comcast subscriber who lives and dies by access to email, the announcement by Comcast of a new iPhone application is likely a welcome development by virtually everyone who does business with the cable giant.

Amidst a resounding chorus of folks asking “what took so long?” Comcast has unveiled a free mobile application suited for Apple’s iPhone.

The app includes access to email, visual voice mail, address book sync, and a host of entertainment options and access to related features.

“Giving customers mobile access to the Comcast services they use everyday is particularly compelling on one of the nation’s most popular mobile platforms – the iPhone and iPod touch,” said Cathy Avgiris, Senior VP of Comcast Wireless and Voice Services. “The Comcast mobile app brings together our communications, information and entertainment products in one place — and having it as a mobile download means our customers can take their Comcast services with them even when they’re not at home.”

For now, the first generation Comcast app includes the ability to:

* Check Comcast email and listen to home voice mail in one combined inbox.
* Read, reply, forward and compose email as well as read attachments supported by the iPhone.
* Manage voice mail messages and call logs, view voice mail in any preferred order as well as “touch” to call.
* Forward home phone calls to the iPhone from the iPhone, view call history and manage home phone settings.
* See what’s on TV tonight, tomorrow or next week, including program details.
* Watch Video On Demand movie trailers.
* Synch all Universal Address Book contacts to an iPhone or iPod touch as well as the ability to add pictures to favorite contacts.

Anyone who uses Comcast’s voice, cable, and internet services will definitely benefit and stay more organized through the use of this app.

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