Collective Mobile App Market to Hit One Million Total Apps Available

Some would say we’re officially swimming in a world of mobile apps as the collective app marketplaces spanning the likes of Apple, Android, Windows and RIM are set to surpass 1 million total apps available.

According to mobile analytics firm Mobilewalla — Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 have collectively hit 991,524 apps available in their stores, with the major 1 million app milestone set to be reached within the next week.  This is a significant milestone considering the modern mobile app ecosystem really only got its start in mid 2008.  Further still, the data leaves out apps from platforms such as Symbian, Palm and older Windows mobile apps that would inflate the total even further.  It’s also worth noting that while Android and iOS developers alone have created and submitted more than 1 million apps combined, many of them have been pulled overtime for one reason or another.

Breaking things down a bit further — Apple continues to dominate the market with 59.6 percent, rounding out at 591,428 apps while Android comes in second with 321,020 apps or 32.3 percent of the market according to data from Mobilewalla.  BlackBerry is currently boasting 43,544 apps, good for 4.4 percent of the total, while Windows Phone 7 has 35,248 apps or 3.5 percent.  It’s been reported that Apple’s developers are adding about 1,000 new apps a day while Android developers are uploading about 1,400 a day.

It’s safe to say that 2011 has once again been a breakout year for the mobile app market — just like every year prior for that matter — with the market more than doubling between January 1st and now.  We ended 2010 with roughly 484,000 apps according to Mobilewalla.  The top app categories across all platforms are Entertainment (16.68%), Games (13.36%), Lifestyle (8.02%) and Utilities (7.13%).