Cognizant Acquires Cadient Group

Cognizant Acquires Cadient GroupThe last two years have seen a lot of important mergers and acquisitions in the marketing industry. One of the most recent is Cognizant’s acquisition of the Cadient Group.

What makes this situation different, however, is that Cognizant is a consulting and outsourcing firm, not necessarily a marketing firm. They will now have access to a multitude of technologies to further assist the companies that they work with—ranging from life sciences to pharmaceutical firms.

“This acquisition was driven by our customers,” says Shankar Narayanan, the VIP of Cognizant. “Cadient Group brings complementary new market opportunities, expertise and intellectual property along with capabilities in brand planning, content development, user-centered design and multi-channel analytics. Combined, Cognizant and Cadient Group’s capabilities will expand the opportunities for both companies to tap into the spend on digital transformation more broadly, including R&D, the medical segment within life sciences, and the consumerization wave sweeping the health care industry.”

First reported by eWeek, we’re told that as a result of the acquisition, some 100 digital content specialists, many of whom are well-versed in mobile marketing, will join Cognizant.

“As part of the acquisition,” Narayanan continues, “we’re gaining digital assets and intellectual property including Reveal, an insights and analytics platform, Immerse, an experiential marketing platform, and OneVoice, an advocacy campaign management platform. The life sciences marketing landscape tends to consist of big agencies that provide creative capabilities, but we feel we can offer an end-to-end solution that spans creative and technological know-how to execution.”