Coca-Cola Beta Tests Mobile Strategy in UK

Soft drink manufacturers were among the first to lend credence to mobile marketing when others remained suspect of its potential.

Since then, the makers of our favorite refreshments have continued to pioneer new and more innovative means for promoting their products and capturing our attention in the mobile realm.

Coca-Cola, for example, is very particular about its mobile marketing projects. For the latest endeavor, a pool of beta-testers have been selected: British youth.

Coca-Cola Great Britain will give away “50p free mobile credit” with every purchase of Coke product: Fanta, Dr Pepper, Sprite, etc.

Geared almost entirely to British teenagers, the campaign will run for one month.

According to the official announcement, cans and bottles of Coca-Cola soft drinks will feature a code to enter into

Addressing the importance of mobile technology to the youth of Great Britain, Cathryn Sleight, marketing director at Coca-Cola Great Britain, said “We wanted to bring them both value and a point of difference that will fully engage them with the promotion.”

Coca-Cola has high hopes for the campaign, and its success could very well determine the size and scope of other mobile campaigns on their upcoming slate of promotions, both domestically and abroad.