CNBC Mobile Real Time Stock Prices and More

CNBC announced they now offer real time stock prices for both the NYSE and NASDAQ available on both and CNBC Mobile.

The availability of real-time quotes gives the CNBC audience—whether on television, the Internet or mobile devices—free access to the most complete and accurate quotes from two of the largest exchanges worldwide.

Making a quick stop at CNBC Mobile to check out the stock prices I was very pleased with how quick the results showed up and that the stock checker box was at the immediate top of the site. That’s smart – someone popping online on their mobile to check a stock price wants to get to it right away. (Of course someone popping into the grocery store for milk also wants to get to it right away, but they still make us walk to the back of the store.)

The great thing about CNBC Mobile is that I also found other stuff to sign up for while I was there. I’m a big fan of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, but am not always able to catch it. I am so happy to see that CNBC now has text alerts which will help me to keep up with this power-packed show.

Now, if I could just get my grocery store to send me a text alert when I am about to run out of milk and then put it at the front of the store, life would be great.