CMO Study Hopes to Help Marketers ‘Separate Hype from Reality’ in Mobile Marketing

For mobile marketers seeking to separate hype from reality, help is on the way.

To assist CMOs in taking advantage of mobile technologies to increase customer engagement, The CMO Club, in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, has just released “The CMO Solution Guide, Beyond the Hype, What Really Works in Mobile Marketing.”

According to the official media release emailed to MMW, The study details best practices that CMOs can apply to build a “fit-for-use,” effective and integrated mobile marketing approach within existing budgets. It includes insights from senior marketing executives from leading brands such as Mastercard, Brocade, Cirque de Soliel, Staples, Lenovo, CAN Capital, RealMassive and The Mobile Marketing Association.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary way that consumers interact with brands. For marketers, this shift to mobile presents a huge opportunity to increase customer engagement and deliver truly personalized experiences that generate tangible and predictable business results. To help marketers cost-effectively capitalize on this opportunity and integrate mobile marketing best practices across the marketing mix, the study includes insights from a range of industry leaders.

From the announcement:

CMOs can use the study to learn about the eight mobile strategies that senior marketers deploy to effectively engage customers and prospects. In addition, the study provides a step-by-step guide on how to develop a mobile marketing action plan that covers eight key areas:

  • Advertising on mobile devices: the benefits of low vs. high frequency
  • Mobile optimized search marketing
  • Mobile apps that focus on fewer and more functional capabilities
  • Mobile optimized websites
  • Mobile messaging using SMS, MMS and in-app systems
  • Mobile friendly email optimization
  • Social media sharing
  • Cross device identity management

“Mobile marketing is all about visibility, velocity and value for customers and consumers from brands who tailor individual customer needs and customize content throughout all steps of a customer’s journey,” said Pete Krainik, CEO and Founder, The CMO Club. “Having a clear roadmap to decipher what really works is essential. This CMO curated guide provides senior marketers a way through the hype via proven CMO insights to build a viable mobile strategy that aligns marketing spend with customer preference and business results.”

To download the report, click here.