Clutch: ‘Discovery’ Stage Required by Majority of App Development Companies

According to an eye opening new report from Clutch, “discovery” has never been more important in the realm of mobile apps.

“Most app development companies require a pre-development research or ‘discovery’ stage with their clients to clarify project objectives and Discovery Stage Costdetails and gauge client expectations,” according to new survey data from Clutch.

The leading B2B ratings and reviews firm found that nearly 70% of 102 app development companies surveyed say they mandate this discovery phase, which also helps formulate a realistic cost estimate for an app development project.

App development costs vary and are based on features, timelines, the type of firm employed, and other factors. Businesses can research app development prices online, but experts agree that identifying an accurate estimate is unlikely without completing the discovery stage in collaboration with an app development company.

“It makes sense to only give an exact [price] estimate after the team clearly understands what should be done,” said Dmitry Dobritskiy, CEO and Co-Founder of MindStudios (link is external), a mobile app development company. Clutch’s survey of 102 app development companies helps businesses better understand the app development process and its potential costs.

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