Clickky Impresses with Launch of CPI Index

clickkyСlickky, a leading platform for mobile traffic monetization on emerging markets, has formally launched the Clickky CPI Index, which shows the current state of market demand.

Based on Clickky advertising campaign data, the Index is a market analysis that shows the demand dynamics for different countries.

“The Clickky platform accumulates a huge amount of ad campaign data, which shows market trends and statistics,” the company’s announcement reads. “The visualization of industry dynamics that the Index helps to understand global trends and tendencies.”

So how does it work?

The Index is calculated for different countries, two OSes (iOS, Android), non-incent traffic and multiple app categories. The analysis shows market statistics and exactly how much advertisers are ready to pay for their installs. This includes the average CPI by country, by verticals within different countries and by OS (iOS and Android).

The Clickky CPI Index March ’16 is already available on the Clickky website. To check it out, click here.