Citi Makes Banking Sexy with Exclusive App for Kindle Fire

Citi is rolling out its first ever banking app designed exclusively for Amazon’s popular new tablet, the Kindle Fire. And those who have seen the new app in action say its one of the most attractive and engaging apps of its kind available for any mobile device today.

Citibank says the app provides U.S. consumers with “a visually engaging, convenient way to track, analyze and plan their finances on the go.”

The new app turns traditional rows of numbers into rich graphs and visual representations of consumer accounts and transactions. It was designed specifically to provide users a prime experience on the Kindle Fire’s seven-inch, full-color touchscreen.

The insightful and intuitive user interface makes it easy for customers to check balances, manage cash flow, pay bills, transfer funds, access rewards and more.

“We’re thrilled to expand Citi’s mobile banking experience to Kindle Fire,” says Tracey Weber, Citi’s Managing Director for Consumer Internet and Mobile Banking in North America. “Based on the extraordinary download rates and highly positive consumer feedback that followed our initial tablet app launch, we know how much our customers value these tools.”

Citibank (Kindle Fire Edition) is available now (for free) from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

“When Amazon launched Kindle Fire,” Weber adds, “we understood our customers would want a customized app that brings dynamic banking capabilities to this popular new tablet, and we worked swiftly to create one. With the bestselling Kindle Fire, we are offering our clients yet another way to easily manage their finances, wherever they are and whenever they want.”