Cisco Unveils New iPhone Security App

With the amount of potentially dangerous spam and other bogus mobile content threatening our digital way of life, it sure helps to have an extra pair to eyes to watch out for the dangers that lurk around the corner.

Fortunately, Cisco has acted on this need and introduced a new (and free) iPhone app chronicling the latest security threats to computers and mobile devices by offering alerts from Cisco’s enormous internet traffic and security experts (better than 500 in all) monitoring the cyber dangers that loom large, occasionally unbeknown to us.

“SIO To Go” enables you to monitor a host of security news feeds, the most important of which is Cisco’s Risk Report. Tossed into the mix are podcasts, Twitter feeds, and an array of blogs. From the looks of it, Cisco’s app does, indeed, serve up a lot of “unique information” collected from Cisco’s monitoring of more than 60% of the world’s e-mail.

All in, the cross-referencing of data from multiple sources enables Cisco’s app to present a “threat correlation” based on known and identified Internet attacks via spam or other nefarious mechanisms. The ability to enter an IP address or domain name to check the site’s e-mail or web reputation score is a killer feature arguably practical for anyone accessing the internet.

Among the other simple, but much appreciated functions are the ability to review volume statistics, obtain data from Whois, and review terse summaries of a website’s reputation. A valuable tool for IT professionals, mobile marketers, and virtually everyone in between, “SIO to Go” is available for download beginning today.