Cisco Envisions a More Mobile Modern Workspace

Cisco Envisions a More Mobile Modern WorkspaceOn Wednesday at the company’s annual Collaboration Summit event, Cisco pledged to deliver new innovations that embrace the modern workspace and enable users to work smarter and more efficiently from virtually anywhere.

Cisco’s latest efforts come at a time when the modern workspace is scrambling to integrate tools at work with many of the tools that employees use at home. These pairings support mobility trends that enable people to access information and communicate from their device of choice in ways not possible just a short time ago.

To give organizations a “fast onramp” to secure communications, Cisco is pushing its new Cisco Expressway, an advanced gateway that maintains security without the need for device-level registration, accounts, and passwords.

This means that users, regardless of location, can “gain instant access to all of their collaboration tools — helping to make communications happen faster and more efficiently.”

As a key component of the Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture, Cisco Expressway is optimized for real-time collaboration, and secures voice, instant messaging (IM) and video communications from Jabber and TelePresence endpoints with Transport Layer Security — the same technology that’s widely used to secure e-commerce transactions.

Amidst an array of other announcements today, Cisco also launched a set of capabilities that :blurs the line between the mobile world — which includes many of the devices end users prefer to use at home — and fixed/on-premise collaboration environments.”

Called Intelligent Proximity, this innovation allows users to link their personal mobile devices with on-premise products in the office to enhance the experience.

“The rise in mobility has opened up new ways in which teams, employees and customers are choosing to connect and collaborate with one another to get things done,” says Cisco executive Rowan Trollope. “The key to success in this new world is having open and accessible communications that cross experiences — whether it be in a physical office, face-to-face through a video call, in a voice call, or in a converged connection through Cisco Jabber. With these latest announcements, Cisco is providing customers with a sophisticated collaboration and communication experience that corporate IT expects, while also offering the same intuitiveness and simplicity found in easy-to-use software-based consumer communication tools.”