Chyngle Debuts Branded Mobile Apps For Sports Venues

Branded mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular these days, with brands wanting to engage in app-based mobile marketing, but who lack the technical know-how and resources to develop one themselves.

Chyngle has entered the market with a unique branded iPhone app that’s designed primarily for sports stadiums and venues.  The company will produce a branded version of its location-based app to allow consumers to interact with various merchants and services while sitting inside the stadium enjoying their favorite team.

Dubbed “in-pocket marketing” by the company’s CEO, Chyngle’s branded apps use GPS to find out your location and discover services and people nearby.  It shows them as red dots on a seating chart of the stadium you’re visiting.  If you want to order a slice of pizza, for example, you can send an SMS message to one of the pizza vendors and they will deliver it to your seat.

Beyond that, the app will show you where the nearest bathrooms are, the closest food vendors with interactive menus and ordering capabilities, medical assistance communication, or even the ability to find tickets for sale by other fans or a ride home by utilizing the anonymous calling functionality.

Providing what they call “Ultra-Local Mobile Networks,” the company plans to charge a stadium or venue $2,000 a month for the use of their very own branded iPhone app.  Worth it?  Depending on the amount of revenue one app could produce, I’m sure it’s well worth the money for any stadium that can pack tens of thousands of people into one location.