Chrome Reaches for The Gold Standard

It was announced today that Chrome Systems Inc., an industry leader in collecting, enhancing, and distributing best-in-class automotive data, has partnered with Gumiyo, one of the retail automotive industry’s more successful mobile marketing company, to deliver “Chrome’s Video Showcase.” Â These full-motion new vehicle video test drives will be available and deliverable to mobile Web consumers using Gumiyo’s self-desribed “dynamic mobile marketing platform.”

Essentially, what this will do is put high quality videos of new vehicle inventory directly into the hands of mobile phone users for the first time, thus giving potential car buyers with helpful vehicle presentations to both inform customers and accelerate car sales.

As my colleagues and I at Mobile Marketing Watch have long since discussed, the automotive industry remains a leader in mobile marketing usage and popularity, even amidst an automotive sales downturn unlike anything the US has seen in years.

“New vehicle videos have become a powerful tool that provides car buyers with the information they need to make new vehicle purchasing decisions,” said Shuki Lehavi, founder and CEO of Gumiyo. “This partnership brings new vehicle videos to the mobile Web, giving car buyers on-the-go a truly media rich shopping experience anywhere and anytime.”

According to the official announcement, the Chrome Video Showcase is comprised of two video products: concise one-minute overviews of current auto, light truck, or SUV models, called “1:00 on One New Vehicle Profiles,” and “Top 200 New Vehicle Test Drives, which give a more detailed overview of the 200 most popular current vehicles. All the videos combine high-quality action footage with informative graphics, voice-over narration, and music, placing customers squarely in the driver’s seat, ready to buy.