Christian Bale Proves the Hollywood Rumor Mill Has Gone Mobile

Christian Bale proves the Hollywood rumor mill has gone mobileTabloids? TMZ? Magazines? Nope. The Hollywood rumor mill is now churning most productively in the mobile space.

As illustrated by the consistent wave of hot new eBooks about some of Hollywood’s biggest names and their personal and professional happenings, electronic publishing is the new haven for must-read entertainment news.

And these quick, juicy, low-cost reads are turning up on millions of smartphones and tablets every day.

Once again bypassing traditional media outlets and publishing channels, the hottest chatter in Hollywood today – news that Christian Bale may return for another tour of duty as the Dark Knight – comes in the form of a ebook from one of the fastest growing publishing houses in digital media.

Sources close to Legendary Pictures are quoted in the new ebook that asserts Bale may have “no choice” but to don the cowl at least one more time.

“Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma” was published Wednesday and instantly generated controversy for Bale, who may be “playing possum” over his supposed decision to leave the epic film franchise after his triumphant 2012 blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

According to the publisher of “Beyond Batman,” the Hollywood mega star likely won’t be able to refuse the potential $50 million dollar payday that could come from playing Batman in the forthcoming Justice League film.

“As the bat signal still glimmers with fervor above Bale’s Hollywood marquee, Christian Bale’s experience as the Batman of our generation is about to prove more inescapable than he expected,” author Vince Russel says.

Sources close to Christian Bale have reportedly begun expressing their suspicions that Bale now views the Batman films in the same light that Robert Downey, Jr. views the Iron Man films.

“Although Downey has appeared as Tony Stark in four movies in less than a decade, he’s hardly typecast as Iron Man,” Russel says, “Downey has balanced his action film escapades with other projects that have harnessed his talents and earned critical acclaim in the process. If Bale follows a similar formula, his box office glory days may not be behind him – a reality that other men who have donned the black cape weren’t so fortunate to experience.”

Ultimately, the eBook’s publisher concludes, Christian Bale’s future success as a top Hollywood draw “may need Batman every bit as much as the Batman franchise still needs Christian Bale.”

“Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma” is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $2.99.