Chitika: Who’s Winning The Mobile Web War?

A new report from Chitika convincingly shows that Apple’s iPhone 5 is sitting atop the biggest drivers of mobile web traffic in North America today.

Apple’s current-gen smartphone accounted for more than three quarters of North American 4G web traffic generated by smartphones since July of last year.

This translates to a 40% share when including all 4G-capable smartphones in the study.

Originally conducted over the first two weeks of June, the study showed 4G handsets accounted for 30% of all active smartphones in the U.S. and Canada with the remaining 70% consisting of “other smartphones,” including 3G and 2G wireless models.

Chitika says the report was based on tens of millions of smartphone-based online ad impressions on its network from June 1 to June 13, 2013.

The firm also found that 53% of ad impressions came from 4G smartphones which were released after July 2012. Apple’s LTE-equipped iPhone 5 managed to capture nearly 40% of total traffic from 4G handsets and 76% of traffic from smartphones brought to the market after July 2012.

Other notable 4G smartphones which were seen in the study included Samsung’s Galaxy S4, HTC’s One, LG’s Nexus 4 and both BB10 BlackBerry devices.

To read the complete report from Chitika, click here.