Chitika Says Apple Claims 65% Share of Mobile Web Traffic

A new report from Chitika is pointing to a powerful degree of dominance by Apple in the mobile web space.

According to the latest data revealed on Thursday, Apple devices are responsible for more than half of all mobile web traffic in the U.S. and Canada today.

“With the iPhone and iPad,” Chitika says, “Apple dominates the mobile market when it comes to web usage. The company had another stellar month, and now its devices generate over 65% of all mobile traffic.”

By comparison, Samsung is in a distant second place behind Apple with a relatively scant 12.47% share.

All told, Chitika asserts that the iPhone 5 will give a huge boost to Apple’s share of mobile web usage. The current projection by leading industry analysts maintains that Apple could sell as many as 23 million new iPhones in the final months of 2012.