Chitika Reports Shows Mobile Ad Engagement Highest Among iPad Users

The iPad is, indeed, a unique creature across the mobile landscape, as it seems to heighten user interest in all things pertinent to the growth and monetization of the mobile marketing and advertising industries.

The latest evidence to that end comes from a freshly published report by Chitika.

“Mobile devices have emerged as one of the major means for consumers to access, share, and manipulate information on the web – and it shows no signs of slowing down,” Chitika says.

As of March 2012, mobile traffic has already seen a 35% increase in under a year, as stated in this previous Chitika Insights study. The Pew Center for Research reports that smartphones now make up a majority (53%) of mobile devices in the U.S., presenting a huge opportunity for advertisers.

“In terms of the iOS suite,” Chitika finds, “iPad (0.80%) users come out as the clear ‘winners’ in terms of CTR, while iPhone (0.67%) and iPod (0.62%) users claim second and third place, respectively.”

“With the number of mobile connections estimated to reach 10 billion by 2016, this is an opportunity they cannot afford to miss,” the report suggests. “Most advertisers are taking this in stride; however, mobile advertising as a market is still dwarfed by online advertising, which is projected to reach over $60 billion by 2015.”

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