Chipotle Finds SMS Marketing Success with ‘Adventurrito’

Chipotle Finds SMS Marketing Success with AdventurritoChipotle’s recent campaign is a fantastic example of SMS marketing done right.

Nicknamed “Adventurrito,” on July 13th Chipotle kick-started a twenty day long puzzle scavenger hunt where participants compete in online puzzle tournaments for a chance to win Chipotle burritos for the next twenty years.

In exchange for mobile phone numbers, Chipotle began offering up clues to a fun new promotion related to the company’s massive 20th birthday celebration.

Not surprisingly, text messaging is playing a key role in the campaign, not only in doling out clues for the puzzles, but also in providing general restaurant information that is helping to increase interest and foot traffic for the restaurant.

The Clues

The receipt is where this adventure begins for consumers. On the bottom of the paper is a message stating that if you text a keyword to Chipotle’s number, you will be sent a hint for the daily puzzle. Of course, there is the disclaimer that if you do this, your number will be added to the SMS program.

The keywords and numbers are changed day by day, as are the puzzles.

The game, which is still ongoing, also drives users to Chipotle’s social media sites. As a result, the company is seeing increased traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+ (they are wisely using these platforms to distribute clues, too).

Every twenty-four hours until August 3rd a new puzzle is unlocked. Each participant has to solve all previous puzzles in order to unlock the next.

Fittingly, there are twenty puzzles in all. Chipotle has also provided the option for users to “opt-in” to daily alerts when the new puzzle opens.

Of all the people that complete the twenty puzzles, only twenty will be chosen, based on their overall score and how quickly the puzzles were completed.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile, as it turns out, is nothing entirely new for Chipotle, as the company has been pushing mobile for almost four years when they first launched a mobile ordering application in 2009.

Each mobile effort has been designed in a way that encourages customer participation.

And it’s another exceptional case study to illustrate how text messaging is the ideal communications resource for restaurant chains that want to extend brand interaction and awareness well beyond the confines of their physical stores.