Chinese Search Giant Baidu Announces Plan for Mobile OS, Aims to Mirror the Success of Google’s Android

Baidu, the Chinese search engine that has significantly more market share than Google in China and other Asian countries, has announced plans for a new mobile OS.

Dubbed “Baidu Yi,” the new OS looks to mimic the same go-to-market strategy as Google’s Android, integrating the company’s cloud service along with other embedded apps such as Baidu search, maps, email, video and many others.  Not surprisingly, the new OS will center around third-party apps as well, and the company said it will share earnings with the device manufacturers it partners with to run the new OS.

While Baidu has overwhelming market share in terms of traditional search, the mobile ecosystem in China is vastly different than in the U.S., meaning Baidu will have a much steeper hill to climb than Google did in the U.S. when getting Android off the ground initially.  At present, Baidu will face competition from the likes of similar OSs like “MIUI” by Beijing’s Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., “Ali Cloud” by Alibaba Group and the “Tapas OS” by Innovation Works, etc.

Specifics are scant on exactly what the future holds with Baidu Yi but we expect much more details in the near future.  Stay tuned.