Chinese Officials Love the iPhone

Although the expensive iPhone options in China have yet to win over the vast majority of the world’s largest mobile community, government officials in China are becoming borderline obsessed with the device and the power of the mobile platform – particularly, the potential inherent in a new application from state broadcaster CCTV.

Using the app as a means to present its own spin on state happenings and Chinese news, the iPhone is becoming a mechanism to spin any news and information originating from the world’s most populous nation.

Putting its best face forward to the world, China is now endeavoring to harness the power of digital media – an entity that has, until now, been used primarily to paint the Chinese government in a negative light. But the Chinese government and those behind the digital content it produces are seeking the best and brightest minds in mobile marketing and mobile content distribution to push their “positive presence” to Asia and beyond.

Without question, the iPhone is more popular for now with the Chinese government than it is with the general public. For the Chinese government, the iPhone has provided an unfettered platform for perpetuating their views – a controversial reality the ultimate consequences of which are presently unknown.