Chinese Media Threatens Apple, Google

Chinese Media Threatens Apple, GoogleIn what proved to be one of the most intense and undeniably awkward statements put forward in the press on behalf of Chinese state media, leading U.S. tech companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are being taken to task this week.

According to those behind the new report, these companies deserve to be punished “severely.” Why? Chinese media sources allege that these “pawns” of the U.S. government are actively stealing secrets from the Chinese. As a result, we’re told that they threaten the cyber-security of China.

“U.S. companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. are all coordinating with the PRISM program to monitor China,” the People’s Daily published. “To resist the naked Internet hegemony, we will draw up international regulations, and strengthen technology safeguards, but we will also severely punish the pawns of the villain. The priority is strengthening penalties and punishments, and for anyone who steals our information, even though they are far away, we shall punish them!”

Apple is yet to respond to the claims, but Google has already fired back.

“We cannot say this more clearly – the (U.S.) government does not have access to Google servers – not directly, or via a back door, or a so-called drop box… We provide user data to governments only in accordance with the law,” a representative for the Internet search giant tells Reuters.