China’s Mobile Community Swept Up in Smartphone Frenzy

A mobile smartphone frenzy is being whipped up in China ahead of this Friday’s launch of the iPhone 4S in the world’s largest mobile community.

According to reports published Monday, this Friday’s arrival of the hot new Apple smartphone in China could represent the start of Apple finally securing the market share it has always dreamed of in Asia.

And in light of the incredible promotion being introduced by China Unicom, Apple will soon see it’s iPhone 4S become a major player among leading smartphones in this part of the world.

Bloomberg is reporting that Chinese customers willing to pay a $45 monthly fee under a two-year contract will get the iPhone 4S at no charge.

China Unicom, the only one of the nation’s three carriers offering the iPhone with a service contract, is using the handset to woo high-end subscribers who play games and watch online videos using their phones.

“Customer response to our products in China has been off the charts,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said recently. “With the launch in China next week, iPhone 4S will be available in over 90 countries making this our fastest iPhone rollout ever.”