China’s Madhouse Serves 2.3B Ads In 6 Months

The enormity of China’s mobile landscape was made even more prominent with the announcement that Madhouse, one of China’s most notable mobile ad-network operators, has served some 2.3 billion mobile advertisements in the first six months of 2008. This is nearly five times what the company served in all of 2007 combined. This shows the immense growth of mobile advertising, not only in China, but on a global scale as well.

The continued growth for Madhouse most likely stems from its massive mobile ad solutions that can take into account almost every applicable variable when it comes to serving mobile-based ads. For example, Madhouse can target based on mobile user location, phone brand, model and retail price, as well as the optimization for mobile phones with different screen resolutions for the over 2,000 phone models in China today.

Madhouse also provides an extensive analytical solution they say; “increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by optimizing ad versions and accurately quantifying and managing the frequency of marketing material shown, clicked, or downloaded to every unique mobile user.”

In my opinion, Madhouse made a very smart move when it joined the MMA as Chair for the APAC Mobile ad Guideline Committee. The company then launched the first Mobile Advertising Guidelines tailored specifically for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region shortly thereafter. Since then, they’ve simply built onto those guidelines they created to become the biggest and best in China. Whatever the reason, 2.3 billion ads is an immpresive number, and further solidifies the fact that mobile marketing is here to stay.