China Unicom Prepares for iPhone 4S Arrival

China Unicom is finally on the verge of carrying Apple’s new iPhone 4S.

The newest Apple smartphone has been sanctioned by Chinese officials after passing rigorous “wireless regulatory tests.”

MIC Gadget says China Unicom “is prepared to introduce the iPhone 4S and is only waiting for its network access certificate from authorities.”

China Unicom’s sales executive Yu Yingtao added that the carrier “will start sales once we get the certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It’s not up to us. We’ve already done all of our preparations, we’re just waiting on the permit.”

China Unicom has reportedly begun taking reservations for the iPhone 4S through China Unicom’s customer “clubhouse.”

While it isn’t clear how long this process could ultimately take, many believe the iPhone 4S will come to China Unicom before the end of next month. And when it does, Apple will have an entirely new – and major – source of revenue.

The tech giant, as the world has seen, is determined to exploit the highly profitable Asian smartphone market by expanding the iPhone 4S into as many Asian markets as possible and with as many carrier partners as possible.