China Sees Mobile Gold Rush as Projections Put Big Numbers Behind Mobile Ad Spend

Mobile ad spend is on the rise globally, but China – the world’s largest mobile population – is leading the pack when it comes to mobile advertising expenditure.

Chinese Internet research firm iResearch is turning heads with a recently published graph that projects future mobile ad spend within China.

iResearch Consulting dissected the data of eMarketer and found that China’s mobile advertising expenditure shows increasing trend, far more than the other three members of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China),” the report reads.

According to iResearch, mobile ads expenditure will approach $1.4 billion within four years – growth that leaves other large emerging mobile markets in the dust.

The data show that China’s mobile advertising expenditure amounted to 223 million U.S dollars in 2010, India, Brazil and Russia’s figures were $35 million, $12 million, and $12 million respectively; it is forecasted that by 2015 China’s mobile advertising expenditure will accumulate to $1.39 billion, far higher than the rest of the BRIC.

Driving the continued growth, iResearch projects, will be the further expansion of China’s mobile user base, which presently sits at some 900 million wireless subscribers. Smartphone sales in the region will also help drive mobile ad spend, along with the surging popularity of mobile apps in China (and across Asia at large).

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