China Reportedly Boasts The World’s Largest Video Platform

According to an eye opening new report from DDM this week, the world’s largest video platform may now call China home.

Baidu, a search company based inside of the world’s most populous nation, is building its video streaming services and upping its competition with Youku-Tudou, the leader in China’s video market.

The purchase of for $370 million today prompted Baidu to make claims that it now offers the biggest video platform in the country. No numbers were released to support this claim and Youku-Tudou challenge the accuracy of it.

Nonetheless, Youku-Tudou president Dele Liu considers this development a positive influence on the overall market.

“After the success and synergy created by the Youku-Tudou merger, increasing consolidation was inevitable throughout the video industry. We are happy to see this purchase go forward; we expect this acquisition will further rationalize the industry and help reduce piracy in the sector,” Liu says.

So… does the purchase of PPS make Baidu the video market leader? For now, the quest for total clarity on this issue continues.

To read the full report from DDM, click here.