China Becoming the New Superpower in Smartphones

On Thursday, Canalys – an independent analyst firm – published its final Q2 2012 country-level shipment estimates to clients.

And the results point to one major conclusion about China – it’s a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone realm.

All told, China saw 199% year-on-year growth and 32% expansion over the previous quarter.

In total, more than 42 million smart phones were shipped into the channel in China in Q2 2012, representing the second consecutive quarter of record breaking volumes in a single country market.

“China accounted for 27% of the 158 million global smart phone shipments, compared to 16% for the United States,” the report reads. “Notably, growth in China was heavily driven by domestic vendors, while international vendors struggled to keep pace.”

“The rise of the domestic tier-one brands has been aided by a number of factors,” says Canalys Research Director for China, Nicole Peng. “Their reactiveness to market demands and deep understanding of local consumer behavior and preferences have been key in helping them surpass international peers in the fast-evolving Chinese market. Local tier-one vendors have worked hard in recent quarters to greatly improve their brand resonance among consumers and to expand and enhance their relationships and influence within operators.”