Cheetah Mobile Launches ARCam Augmented Reality App

Cheetah Mobile Inc., a leading mobile internet company, announce today its newest app, ARCam, which allows users to create a 3D moment by inserting augmented reality features into photos and videos.

As you might imagine, ARCam was built on Apple’s ARKit introduced with iOS 11 and is available now for download at ARCam App Store.

“ARCam is a new, streamlined app that allows people to have more fun with their phone camera than ever before, by creating images that pop with augmented reality,” explains Jill Shih, Vice President of Product & User Experience at Cheetah Mobile. “The application allows users to insert popular emojis, location tags and digital time stamps into photographs and short videos which can be saved and shared on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and sent via text and email.”

ARCam offers six different weather icons such as a mustachioed sun, angry lightning cloud or sleepy moon. The emojis are happy, sad, angry, love-struck and of course the obligatory smiling poop. You can add a digital time or date stamp, as well as your location featuring a rotating tag. One can also change the size of the emojis, rotate them and even have them bounce off each other.

ARCam is available now for download at ARCam App Store.