Check Out the World’s ‘First’ Social Media Solution for Prompting

Check Out the World's 'First' Social Media Solution for PromptingAutoscript is rolling out and incorporating some wickedly cool new forward-thinking features into its WinPlus prompting software.

The brand new functionality, developed to “meet the immediacy of today’s news operations,” includes Twitter integration, cloud storage and automated closed captioning.

That’s right. The company has found a way to go “social” with prompting.

WinPlus’s Twitter functionality, the first of its kind in the industry, is ideal for the newsroom environment as it enables producers and prompting operators to automatically send tweets at specified points of the script. This allows broadcasters to distribute their news online and in sync with their television broadcast, allowing them to reach a wider audience than before. The tweets can be sent directly from the organisation’s Twitter account, the news anchor or reporter, depending on the studio’s requirements.

“As a pioneer in the prompting industry, Autoscript is driven by innovation and this latest update sees us looking at teleprompting in a whole new way to harness the power and potential of social media,” says Robin Brown, a product manager at Autoscript.

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