Check it Out: How Will Your Site Hold Up Against Google’s Algorithm Update?

Check it Out How Will Your Site Hold Up Against Google’s Algorithm UpdateOn April 21st, Google will update to its algorithm in a move that, according to some, could seriously impact the search engine rankings of countless websites… but especially those that aren’t prepared for the switch.

As NativeMobile reported Monday, Google has developed a mobile-friendly test tool for site owners to use in the assessment of their sites’ overall responsiveness.

To see how your site performs, click here and enter the URL.

“The mobile friendliness of your website has never been more crucial to your organic search visibility,” Click Consult’s CEO Matt Bullas is quoted in the report. “Although responsiveness is already a ranking factor, it’s going to take up a far larger percentage of Google’s overall calculations from the 21st April onwards.”

Click Consult says they are offering in-depth analysis on how the update will affect businesses and how they can bring their websites in line with the update.