Change Coming for 8 Billion Mobile Devices in 2019

Change Coming for 8 Billion Mobile Devices in 2019Although you could count them all if you’d like, we’ll just stick to trusting the latest numbers put forward by ABI Research.

According to the research firm in question, 8 billion is the number of mobile devices that will be in need of a serious component overhaul within the next five years.

So what’s the big change coming?

ABI Research forecasts that the installed base of mobile devices (smartphones, basic mobile phones, wearables, tablets, and notebooks) will reach 8 billion by 2019, providing a huge installed base for rechargeable batteries and charging solutions.

“Mobile device hardware, software, and usage have developed at an incredible rate in recent years, from network speeds, to screen resolution and size, to processing power,” says Nick Spencer, senior practice director at ABI Research.

“End user’s reliance on their smartphones also grows and grows, with mobile data usage experiencing exponential growth,” Spencer adds. “One crucial part of the overall solution, battery life and charging technology, has been a laggard to date. Short battery life remains the biggest irritation to smartphone users and is a clear opportunity for handset vendors and carriers to improve the user experience by adopting new, longer-lasting battery technologies. Additionally, the growth in size-constrained wearable devices makes the problem even more acute.”