ChallengeMe Club Rolls Out 2.0 of its Unique App

ChallengeMe Club Rolls Out 2.0 of its Unique AppOn Wednesday, MMW was exclusively briefed on the big news about Princeton University graduate and angel investor Cameron McClain who is announcing the launch of his app, ChallengeMe.

The intriguing app in question is designed to “give influencers and brands a platform to interact with their fans online through interactive challenges.”

The free iOS app allows users to both accept challenges from local and national brands and celebrities, and also create challenges to play among each other. The app features group chat, photo video sharing, and voting to make it fun and easy to engage with the online community.

ChallengeMe is not just a truth or dare app, we’re told. Instead, “it is a platform in which celebrities can get creative with ways to break the ice with their fans and boost online engagement.”

“As someone who has worked in the media industry, I was aware of how distribution, promotion and content creation had changed as a result of new media,” says McLain. “New digital media calls for increasingly creative ways for artists and brands to connect and interact with their audiences, and ChallengeMe provides the space for that, while at the same time providing a structure around online conversation.”