ChaCha Teams With “Rock The Vote” For Election Answers

ChaCha, a unique “mobile answers” service, has teamed with “Rock The Vote” to engage and inform voters as well as provide voting, polling and other related information for the upcoming November 4 election.  With the knowledge of Rock The Vote, combined with the streamlined delivery of ChaCha, users can simply text-in their questions about the election, and receive an instant response.

Here’s how it works: users can send questions to RTVOTE (788683) and politically trained ChaCha Guides will provide informed, non-partisan answers via SMS within minutes.  Potential voters can learn everything from where their polling place is, to the positions taken by the candidates on everything from energy to taxation.  You can also access the service by calling 1-800-2ChaCha as well.

With this election being one of the most closely-followed elections in our history, ChaCha recognized a huge increase in political questions, and decided to give the people what they want.  In addition to some 35,000 ChaCha “guides” already in place, ChaCha is using the proven track-record of Rock The Vote to enhance its answers even more.

“As the presidential election continues to heat up, we’ve seen a sizable increase in questions about the election,” said ChaCha Co-Founder and President, Brad Bostic. “ChaCha has rapidly become a popular, trusted resource for young people who want information while on the go. By making credible answers easy to access on virtually any mobile phone, ChaCha and Rock the Vote are providing unprecedented access to the information voters need to make informed choices.”

My only question, as I’ve always said about the ChaCha service, is why wouldn’t it be easier to just do a quick Google search on your mobile device rather than texting a question, waiting for a “guide” to look it up and respond.  With so much political information floating around on the Web already, questions can be answered pretty quickly from a mobile device.