Cha-Ching! Mozes Attracts Big Bucks For Mobile Marketing

The big news this hour in Palo Alto, California, the home of mobile marketing firm Mozes, is how the hometown company succeeded in raising more than eleven million dollars in a second round of financing led by Maveron.

Citing a regulatory filing, reported that Mozes, a web-based provider of an on-demand mobile marketing platform, reeled in the big bucks via Series B funding.

At present, Mozes’ mobile marketing platform is used by more than three thousand music artists, including Death Cab for Cutie, Fall Out Boy and Amy Winehouse. The heart of the firm, however, appears to lie with linking music fans with their favorite artists, many of which are up and coming and yet to be signed by a major label.

As I reported in my first blog about Mozes last month, the company’s ambitions are to provide a service that “connects people to the things they love.”

Mozes is yet to offer comment on their website about the hefty chunk of change they secured, but one would only expect a comment to be forthcoming in the hours or days ahead.