CES 2017: Ventev to Showcase Wireless Mobile Innovations

ces-2017Fast wireless charging has finally arrived. And its on display for all to see in Las Vegas today as CES 2017 gets underway.

MMW has learned that Ventev Mobile is upping the power of wireless charging at CES 2017, unveiling a new wireless charging stand and dashmount that charge at three times the typical rate.

“Wireless charging is finally living up to its potential,” said Scott Franklin, Director of Marketing at Ventev Mobile, in a provided press release. “Until recently, it tended to be slow and inefficient. Our next generation wireless chargers are powerful enough to take a battery from zero to 60 percent in just 30 minutes.”

Ventev takes full advantage of all three of the latest wireless standards to keep users charged and on the go. Combining Qi 1.2.2, fast wireless charging, and PMA, Ventev wireless chargers are a universal solution that can deliver up to 15 watts of power to any device capable of charging wirelessly.

Ventev’s new wirelesspro dock, for example, charges phones in the car while using GPS or streaming music, unlike other wireless chargers on the market.

“Until recently, wireless charging in a car didn’t make sense. GPS and streaming music drain power faster than many wireless chargers can replace it. Now those days are over,” said Franklin. “Our wirelesspro dock delivers up to three times more power than other wireless chargers, ensuring you arrive at your destination with more battery than when you left.”

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