CES 2015: Syndiant Showcases Head-Mounted Displays at CES

CES 2015 Syndiant Showcases Head-Mounted Displays at CESSyndiant, a leader in high resolution microdisplays, is one of the many companies gaining converts at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The company is introducing immersive optical modules, and will demonstrate an innovative HMD (head-mounted display) and companion media control box at the exhibition.

Syndiant is an optical device company. Founded in 2004, the firm produces high resolution light modulating panels for pico projectors which are small enough to embed in wearable computing solutions and strong enough for automotive applications.

“Syndiant’s immersive optical modules are fixed focus, light weight, have low power consumption, and integrate RGB LED illumination,” the company said in a news release this week. “The SYL2271 patented LCOS microdisplay architecture integrates smart electronics onto the display panel to achieve 720p HD resolution in a highly compact 0.37″ diagonal panel. The combination of the SYL2271 with optimized optical components provides an excellent solution for any near-eye immersive application that requires a large virtual image with outstanding picture quality.”

According to Syndiant, its wearable display modules offer excellent solutions for businesses serving the quickly growing near-eye market.

“As a leader in the near-eye display market, Syndiant teamed with partners to create these novel HMD Glasses and Control Box products to enter the emerging wearable market,” said Daniel Wong, CEO and president of Syndiant. “The products are ready to move into mass production, and we look forward to working with more companies to further expand this growing market.”