CES 2015 Spells Bad News for Mobile Ads

CES 2015 Spells Bad News for Mobile AdsMobile advertisers, you have been warned.

This week, as CES 2015 gets underway in Las Vegas, Ad Hunter will formally launch.

If you’re not familiar, Ad Hunter is a new social game app that allows mobile users to fight against annoying advertisements on their favorite apps and mobile websites.

Already generating hype ahead of tomorrow’s kickoff to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the makers of Ad Hunter tell MMW that the app is also being showcased at the Wall of Apps and competing for best App honors in the Mobile Apps Showdown.

Here’s how it works:

Ad Hunter gamers, acting as ad bounty hunters, will build an ad hunting agency, recruit their friends as agents and earn golden coins for each ad that is hunted (disabled). By simply tapping and holding any banner or overlay in apps or websites, users will be able to hunt the ad, send the ad to jail and win coins which can be redeemed as bounty rewards.

“We wanted to create a fun, interactive and social way for mobile users to eliminate irrelevant and annoying ads by working in conjunction with their friends to improve the app and browsing experience,” explains Ad Hunter App Creator, Oz Nakash. “Too much of our time is spent avoiding ads and too much of the real estate on our small smartphone screens is taken up by obtrusive ads. Ad Hunter gives mobile users a chance to fight back to ensure content, not ads, fill our screens.”

To check out Ad Hunter for yourself, click here.