CES 2015: ooVoo Shows the World What’s New in Mobile Video Communication

CES 2015 ooVoo Shows the World What's New in Mobile Video CommunicationooVoo, an independent social video communications platform that has become a global phenomenon since MMW first started covering its growth about five years ago, now has north of 120 million registered users worldwide.

Not surprisingly, ooVoo is in Las Vegas for the 2015 International CES this week to showcase its new “Intelligent Video platform” alongside its popular video chat app.

“ooVoo’s Intelligent Video platform leverages the massive amount of data generated by the explosion in mobile video to deliver unique insights and engagement that transform the user’s experience,” the company announced ahead of CES.

For its debut of Intelligent Video, ooVoo has teamed up with Affectiva, a provider of emotion analytics and insight. The partnership, we’re told, allows Affectiva’s Affdex emotion-sensing technology to be coupled with ooVoo’s video chat SDK, proving “unmatched scale to analyze facial expressions real time to discern a user’s emotions, e.g., whether a person is engaged, amused, surprised or confused.”

With this layer of emotion measurement, ooVoo asserts, Intelligent Video is poised to transform personal and business interactions, as it enhances mobile video communications with a more engaging and authentic experience.

“Insight into emotion responses enhances all human interactions. With the massive explosion of mobile video communications, infusing these communications with an emotion intelligence layer adds tremendous value to businesses and individuals alike,” says Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer. “With Intelligent Video, powered by Affdex emotion analytics, businesses can incorporate their consumers’ emotion response real-time to design more effective products, advertising and video content, as well as enhance customer service.”