CES 2015: Girl Scouts Bring The Troops to Las Vegas

CES 2015 Girl Scouts Bring The Troops to VegasIn every direction you turn in Las Vegas today there are some of the world’s leading technology innovators and promising start ups.

But not every presence at CES 2015 is a familiar one for the celebrated annual convention.

This year, The Girls Scouts are even on hand. But why?

“This one makes more sense than you might at first think,” Brad Tuttle of Time says of the Girl Scouts being at CES. “It was recently announced that Girl Scout cookies will soon be available for sale online for the first time, and the organization is attending the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show to showcase Digital Cookie, the new program that will enable girls to sell cookies online while learning about business and tech.”

Late last year, Girl Scouts of the USA confirmed plans to jump into the world of digital marketing in hopes of bringing cookie sales to the digital age.

“Digital Cookie will introduce vital 21st-century lessons about online marketing, app usage, and ecommerce to more than one million excited Girl Scouts who will be in the driver’s seat of their own Digital Cookie businesses,” the venerable organization recently announced.

“What’s more,” Tuttle adds, “venturing into online sales and attending the CES are in line with the Girl Scouts’ overarching push to keep up with the times. The organization has recently demonstrated an interest in trying to keep up with foodie trends. A gluten-free cookie was introduced in early 2014, and three new cookies go on sale in 2015.”