CEO Of Jumptap Issues Statement On Google/AdMob Approval

For continued reaction to the Google/AdMob approval, we’ve just received an official statement from Jumptap president and CEO, Dan Olschwang;

“The acquisition of AdMob by Google – allowed to proceed today by the FTC – affirms the importance and growth of the mobile advertising market.  The world’s largest media company has announced that it is “mobile first,” and we expect the rest of the market will also quickly recognize the centrality of mobile, because of the enormous potential of mobile advertising to engage with consumers.  The FTC is likely to pay continuing attention to the mobile market to insure that it remains open and competitive, and an open approach to mobile advertising is better for everyone.  At Jumptap we are platform agnostic, working with our many advertisers in reaching their target audience on whatever device.  We also think that this will not be the last of many interesting acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships.”