Centro’s Software Selected by Sheridan for In-House Marketing and Hands-On Training for Students

indexCentro’s enterprise-class software for digital advertising has been chosen by Sheridan, a Canadian higher education institution, to execute real-time digital advertising initiatives.

The school’s marketing team plans to use Centro DSP to promote its classes and curriculum to recruit students. Sheridan is a well regarded publicly-funded institution with 21,000 full-time and 17,000 continuing and part-time studies students enrolled every year on four Ontario campuses.

“Centro DSP has gained traction throughout North America among agencies and brands because of its easy-to-use ad-buying interface designed to reach customers across all major digital channels, devices, sites, and apps,” according to a statement emailed to MMW. “Offering flexibility on ad spend minimums, Centro offers one of the most powerful, yet accessible, ad platforms, on which Sheridan students will now have the opportunity to be trained.”

In addition, the Centro partnership includes a new course offering on programmatic advertising.

“The programmatic advertising classes are taught by seasoned professionals from Centro’s Customer Success team,” the company says. “The coursework offers practical, hands-on, real-world training where students will utilize Centro DSP as the tool for practice and testing. This is part of Sheridan’s efforts to meet the changing needs of students and emerge as the institution of choice for Digital Media and career-related education.”

The programmatic advertising course will help students develop the fundamental knowledge and skill needed for the effective buying and selling of digital ad placements in real-time.

“We take pride in being the first educational institution in Canada to offer cutting edge digital media curriculum for programmatic advertising, a rapidly expanding career field,” said Hayder Sultan, programmatic media project lead, Sheridan. “We’ve observed agencies and brands struggle with talent gap in this sector and we identified Centro, with its long-standing experience and success in digital media, as an ideal partner to enhance the education for students interested in this professional field.”