Centrify Announces New Technology Partner Program

Centrify Announces New Technology Partner ProgramYesterday at the Samsung Developers Conference, Centrify Corporation announced the launch of its Centrify Alliance Partner Program (CAPP).

CAPP, we’re told, will provide developers, cloud and mobile ISVs the ability to jointly develop integrated solutions leveraging Centrify’s Unified Identity Services to provide secure access to cloud and mobile apps for mutual customers.

In addition, by formalizing its partnering efforts via CAPP, Centrify and its ISV partners such as Dropbox and Zoom are now better able to drive joint go-to-market activities.

“Centrify has long partnered with the world’s leading technology companies, and our new partner program allows more companies and developers to rely on Centrify’s cloud platform to leverage our leading SaaS and mobile security features that provide centrally managed policies to securely access and authenticate users to partners’ leading SaaS applications, regardless of device or location,” says Shreyas Sadalgi, Centrify Vice President of Business Development.

“Improved usability with SaaS application Single-Sign-on and mobile app Zero-Sign-on, along with user and mobile device self-service features, enhances security of our partners’ SaaS and mobile solutions by uniquely reducing passwords, securing identity, and authenticating access through Active Directory,” Sadalgi added.